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Melody International has developed “iCTG,” the world’s first portable fetal monitor that women can continuously wear at home and elsewhere. The medically certified device and the accompanying cloud-based platform “Melody I” make it possible for doctors to remotely track the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions, addressing the needs arising from the growing number of high-risk pregnancies, the declining OBGYN population and the lack of medical access in remote areas and developing countries.

Homepage https://www.melodyi.net/
E mail e-support@melodyi.net
Telephone +81- (87) – 813 – 7362
Address Next Kagawa 304, 2217-44 Hayashi, Takamatsu City Kagawa 761-0301, JAPAN

Perinatal e-Health solutions.

Our mission is “to deliver safe and secure childbirth to mothers around the world”. We have a long-standing commitment and high level of experience in perinatal e-Health. iCTG has been subjected to empirical studies in South Africa, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Kenya by various researchers and NGOs. It has proved to be one of the solutions to overcome the problem of many babies dying due to lack of doctors and distant healthcare facilities. In addition, the medical device has been registered in Kenya. Future studies in Morocco and Egypt are being prepared.

Fetal Monitor iCTG

The Fetal Monitor iCTG is a smart foetal monitor consisting of a compact, wireless foetal heart rate sensor and a maternal Contraction sensor. All operations are completed on the tablet and the measured foetal and maternal data are automatically sent to the doctor via an internet connection. It is rechargeable and can be operated in areas with unstable power supply, and is resilient due to its compressed and buffered data, even in areas where mobile networks are vulnerable. It is a high-performance medical device listed in the WHO compendium of innovative health technologies for low-resource settings and has passed rigorous screening.